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  • Que - How many cities is GoReady operational in?
  • Ans - We are currently present in Lucknow , Delhi , Ghaziabad, Noida ,G.Noida , Faridabad & Gurgaon.
  • Que - Are your Service Providers qualified?
  • Ans - Absolutely! We only bring in professionals who have been recommended and certified by our internal expert team. We conduct interviews, check referrals, licenses, and do background checks on each and every service provider. Only those professionals who pass our strict onboarding process are allowed to work with GoReady. Most of them have more than 5 years of experience in his/her field.
  • Que - What happens if the Service Provider damages anything?
  • Ans - In the unlikely event of our team damaging something, you can email us at cs@goready.in or give us a call @ 7084900900
  • Que - Does someone have to be home when the Service Provider comes?
  • Ans - Yes, it is advisable for you to be around when the job is getting done. You are requested to take care of your personal belongings or valuables in the presence of our Service Providers. GoReady will not be liable for any damage or theft arising in case of failure to do so.
  • Que - What happens if the Service Provider does not arrive on time?
  • Ans - We immediately take action on it and schedule a time convenient to you to do the job or register a cancellation of the service requested free of cost. You can track the location of our Service providers using the GoReady App on your phone.
  • Que - Can the requested job take more time than expected?
  • Ans -We understand that your time is valuable and always try to wrap up the task in given TAT. But it also depends on the complexity of the job. The service provider will inform you about the time prior the work.
  • Que - How do I reschedule a job booked on GoReady?
  • Ans - You can cancel the job on app or website and reschedule it. Or call us at 7084900900.
  • Que - Do I have to organize the spare parts or the Service Provider bring his own?
  • Ans - You are free to bring your own but this should be done before the service provider has reached you premises. If the parts you want to purchased by the Service Provider, he will be consulting with you. We would assume basics such as ladder and cleaning cloth be available at your home.
  • Que - Can I place a service request without registering on your site?
  • Ans - Yes you can place an order by calling us on 7084900900 but we highly recommend you register with us first, you can place a service request on GoReady app/site after it. This will secure your work for warranty and further actions if any issue arises.
  • Que - How are the professionals rated?
  • Ans - After each service is completed, our customers rate the service on different parameters and judge the overall satisfaction of the service. You will also get a chance to rate the service provider after service is done.
  • Que - What if I am not happy with the service or the service provider?
  • Ans - If you do have any complaints about the work, please report to us by calling us back or mail us at cs@goready.in we will do everything to do that right. But in-case if you wish to change the service provider just to get the 2nd opinion or cross check it. The charges will be borne by the user.
  • Que - What are the modes of payment?
  • Ans - You can opt to pay using online payment options including credit card, debit card and net banking. You could choose to pay us by cash after the service too.
  • Que - How safe is my card information with you?
  • Ans - We work with certified and experienced partners in managing your confidential information including saved cards among others. Your information is saved in an encrypted form and information sent over secure channels. Your information is therefore safe and secure.
  • Que - Compensation and Refund for any damage?
  • Ans - This is only applicable if you have done the payment online or in anyways direct to the company. Processing any refund is at the complete discretion of GoReady. In all events, the maximum amount that GoReady will pay you as compensation or refund, shall be at the discretion of GoReady, depending on the service availed by you, and shall not exceed the service amount paid by you for the respective service or Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand), whichever is lower. Under no circumstances will the maximum amount payable to you by GoReady exceed Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand).
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